Music Mondays #14

Jan 16, 2012 in Fitness Resources, Motivation & Inspiration | 0 comments

Happy Monday! Need an ass-kicking in the gym? I know I do this week.

This one I’ve had on my ipod for years – and it NEVER, EVER fails. Hot from beginning to end (especially when Busta comes in!). It features Jayceeoh, Dj Fashen, Dj Illo, Dj Excel, Dj Spider, Bladerunners and Vin Sol.

You’ll want to use this one for your cardio when it’s cranked. And if it isn’t to start, you may find yourself at incline 12 on the treadmill.
Follow the link and clink on the Super 7 Vol. 2 mix.

Have fun tightening up your body!

Jayceeoh Super 7 Vol. 2

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