The Latest (and Greatest?) Green Juice

Apr 20, 2012 in Healthy Recipes, Nutrition & Wellness | 0 comments

I have to give credit to my client Courtney, who made this for me the other day and got me totally HOOKED.

She discovered it at a juice bar in Capetown a couple of weeks ago. The papaya, pineapple and spinach juice. It tastes like pure, replenishing papaya juice!

Benefits of this drink:
Overflowing with vitamin C
High in vitamin E and A
High in folate
High in fiber
High in vitamin K
High in iron
High in magnesium
High in vitamin B2 and B6
A rich source of antioxidants

This drink is an immune booster, energy blaster, cancer preventer and heart disease fighter. It makes you feel amazing, and tastes delicious. If you find it hard to get your fruits and vegetables in each day, try this. It looks green, yes. But it tastes like sunshine – not the slightest bit bitter.

1/3 8oz. bag of spinach
1-2 handfuls of papaya
1 handful of pineapple
About a cup of cold water (to taste)
1 handful of ice

BLEND. Kick back, and drink in the goodness. Then go hike a mountain. :)

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