Music Mondays #30

May 28, 2012 in Fitness Resources, Motivation & Inspiration | 0 comments

Our last one of the series!

Of course, I can’t hold back from sharing my favourite go-tos for hitting a workout, so this is not the end of my workout mixes. But it is time to move on to a new series, because tomorrow I reach 200 POSTS!

Now, you have 30 great workout mixes to download for free, and pop in your iPod and run out the door (or, blast in house and move your butt)!

To find them all, head over to the Workout Music Page. This list will still continue to grow regularly, just not necessarily on Mondays.

I’ve been listening to a lot of A-Trak and Fool’s Gold Radio mixes since the weather started to warm-up. It’s always pretty dance-y, which is so perfect for firing up the cardio.

So, here is another mix that has been a regular play on my iPod lately.

Now, GO SWEAT, and start looking better naked at the same time! ;)

Fool’s Gold Radio – July 2011 – A-Trak

You can download both July and August, of course. But July is my favourite. Click on the upside down arrow and you’re good to go!

See ya tomorrow, with my 200th post and a new outline for us to keep moving, stay motivated, and make change.

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