Too many people assume that their genetics, or their physical setbacks (an old injury?) have guaranteed them a lifetime in a non-ideal frame.
This trainer does not accept that anyone should spend their life feeling like they can’t attain their best self.

Investing in your body positively affects every single aspect of your life.

We’ve all caught on to the fact that fad diets and fad workout programs/gadgets do not result in permanent or long-term results.
Jessica’s teachings and her programs have yet to fail. Her methods include:

  • ongoing nutritional coaching
  • 24/7 support
  • fun, efficient and specifically-catered workouts

Nutrition: Jessica works with what you are already eating, to create a completely customized and sustainable nutritional plan to last you for life. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods – she teaches you to balance out your lifestyle while still enjoying your indulgences.

Fitness: Functional movement uses every inch of your body, strengthens you from the inside out, increases your metabolism and blasts fat. Jessica does not stand beside you with a clipboard while you bust out repetitions on a machine. Rather, she is engaged from start to finish, and works carefully and specifically with your body’s movement. This is why her clients get lasting results.

SupportIn a restaurant on a weekend, faced with a menu and not sure what to pick? Jessica welcomes texts and emails over the weekend to help you as much as she can, in every corner of your life.


Having experienced the life changes that fat loss and strength-building brings in her own life, Jessica is set upon saving as many people as possible from living with discouragement and physical discomfort. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Jessica has fine-tuned a fail-proof method to get clients into their best bodies. We only get one body, and one chance to make it what we dream of living in!


Jessica Manning worked in an ice cream parlour in high school and had no concept of nutrition or activity. She was lethargic and uncomfortable in her body, constantly. Once she began reading about nutrition and experimenting with exercises, something clicked.

Jessica completely understands how the body works; what’s best, what’s not so great, and how humans are supposed to work with – and live alongside – food. She became a certified nutritionist and personal trainer in high school, knowing that sharing her knowledge with others was the only career choice for her.

Twelve years later, Jessica’s experience and success with hundreds of clients have equipped her fail-proof methods. She helps each client find a method of effective exercise that they will love, and keep up for good. She works delicately with fine-tuning clients’ eating habits to create happier, fitter and more energetic lives. There are no obstacles that Jessica can’t surpass with her clients – from lower back pain, to arthritis in the knees, to repairing muscles after pregnancy – Jessica has faced and fixed it all.

If you want to hear directly from some of her clients, read the testimonials here. If you want to meet and see if her workouts and personality are the right fit for you, contact Jessica for a complimentary, no obligation first workout / consultation.

Investing in your health and body is the most important investment that you can make. If you make the choice to do it, do it right and do it for good.