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NEW VIDEO: 2 Plank Progressions

The plank is a fantastic exercise involving the whole core, and training the muscles in a isometric contraction (one that involves being held in its contractions, rather than repeated contractions through movement). Sometimes, however, we can get bored of doing it over and over again! So, add these progressions to your plank to help recruit more of the obliques, and to further cinch in your waistline! ;)

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Strong Abs: Core Circuit on the BOSU (NEW VIDEO)

Wondering what to do with a BOSU? Need a new ab routine? Try this one out! The BOSU Cross (exercise #2) is a client favourite – and remember, the exercises that we (trainers) come up with on our own are often the most effective because we do them because they BURN, and are anatomically correct and efficient, not only because someone tells us to! ;)

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